Are Filter Bubbles effecting your Google ranking??

Category: Real Estate

Filter bubbles drastically effect how we as business people can use the internet to market our products and services. We need to be aware of them and we need to use them to our advantage. Do you know how to capitalize as much as possible?

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10 Ways to Guarantee your top people will Quit!

Category: Real Estate

By: Mel Kleiman

Here are 10 ways to guarantee that your best people will quit:

10. Treat everyone equally. This may sound good, but your employees are not equal. Some are worth more, because they produce more results. The key is not to treat them equally; it is to treat them all fairly.

9. Tolerate mediocrity. A-players don’t have to or want to play with a bunch of C-players.

8. Have dumb rules. I did not say have no rules; I specified dumb rules. Great employees want to have guidelines and direction, but they don’t want to have rules that get in the way of doing their jobs or that conflict with the values the company says are important.

7. Don’t recognize outstanding performance and contributions. Remember Psychology 101: Behavior you want repeated should be rewarded immediately...

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What is your value? Does it change based on the scenario…

Category: Real Estate

Did you bag a Banksy bargain for $60?

 Published: Monday, 14 Oct 2013 | 8:13 AM ET
By:  | Deputy News Editor,

His artworks have sold for over $1 million, but this weekend the infamous graffiti artist Banksy sold canvases for just $60 at a stall in New York.

The elusive artist set up a stand with about 30 canvases alongside others selling tourist art in Central Park on Saturday but did not publicize that the works were signed originals.

He put a video of the event on his website Sunday with the text, “Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100 percent authentic original signed Banksy canvases. For $60 each.”

The retailing was part of Banksy’s monthlong New York residency, called “Better Out Than In...

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John Cleese on Creativity.

Category: Business

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8 Powerful Clarity Questions

Category: Business

by Anne Bolender


One of the most effective ways to gain clarity of self (to know who you are and what you want) or of any project that is important to you, is to honestly answer some powerful questions.

Below are eight of the most powerful questions I know for helping you gain clarity. The questions below are worded to have you focus on your business and/or your life.

However, the wording can easily be modified to have the questions focus of any important project or activity in your life – on your relationship, or your career, etc.

The 8 Powerful Clarity Questions are:

  1. What is working really well in your business or in your life? What is not working? Make a list of the things that are working really well in your business ...
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Study the Greats and Become Greater.

Category: Personal Development

study the greats

Why on earth do we all try to reinvent the wheel? We all try to do better than someone, however we rarely take the time to study how that person became great in the first place. Start with that, learn how those before you became great, follow their lead, then when you are closer to that same greatness then start to make the little changes, the small twists on what is already successful to take things to a whole other level. It is in small improvements that success usually comes, not wide swept changes. Take the time to build and grow then look to improve, you can’t do it all at once. Take the time to study someone else who has systems and ideas and the success you want and begin by ‘copying’ them...
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Secrets of Success from Georges St. Pierre

Category: Business

Get your notepads ready. The UFC welterweight champ has just revealed the same pre-fight ritual he’s executed en route to becoming the baddest 170-pounder to ever live. And some of these secrets can help anyone in any industry do more, and have better results.

Sure 23,152 screaming Canadians inside the Bell Centre in Montreal and millions more watching across the globe saw GSP’s stand-up clinic at UFC 124, but until now, only those within his trimmed-down inner circle have witnessed what it takes for him to perform when the lights come on.

In an exclusive pre-game interview with MMAConnected, St-Pierre discusses his mentality behind isolating himself from non-Team GSP members as game time approaches

Fans caught a glimpse of how important visualization was during the 29-year-old’s tenu...

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6 Tony Robbins Insights That Will Change Your Sales Game

Category: Business

 By Kyle Porter
When it comes to helping people improve their lives there is nobody in the game with stronger credentials than Tony Robbins. The “Michael Jordan” of thought leaders, Tony has affected millions of people around the world through his performance coaching.

Tony has certainly made an impact on me. Last year Marc Benioff invited him to be the closing keynote at Dreamforce, the largest software event in the world. There he laid down sales coaching like I’ve never seen. Through his books, videos, and presentations, Tony gave us each new insights into effective selling.

Tony empowers his readers and audience to improve themselves...

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Your Past is Just a Story.

Category: Personal Development

Your Past


We cannot keep punishing ourselves, our clients and our business because of what has happened in the past. We need to learn from it, and move forward. Don’t let past mistakes get you down or influence your NOW or your future. Get on the horse and ride! We can accomplish so much and once we know that the past is just how I learned what to do going forward, we will see un-imagined growth take place in front of us! I know the past can hurt and scare us, but it is over and cannot do anything more to us, unless we allow it to. Take a moment learn from it and then move forward. Frankly DORI from Finding Nemo said it best … Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming, just keep swimming!
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Top 3 Marketing AhA’s of 2011. – Canadian Marketing Magazine

Category: Business

by Dawn Marchand

 While everyone is preparing their objectives and to-do lists for 2012, I thought I would first start with the key moments of truth I experienced in 2011. Upon reflection, I came up with three.

Content Remains King
Nothing earth shattering here but an important concept to keep in mind as we race to be the most creative, the most innovative and the one that really stands out. We can do all of that but if our content isn’t relevant and engaging, we will sell no widgets.

Coolest Title of the Year – CCEO
Chief Customer Experience Officer seems to be the new “C Suite” title as I met a few in 2011...

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