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Andy Herrington:

With a solid background in real estate, Andy Herrington was a member of three top producing teams before becoming a Full Time Real Estate coach in 2008. The teams that Andy was a member of averaged over 350 transactions per year and placed #1 on the Toronto Real Estate Board 5 times. The last team that Andy joined saw him create and run a department of Phone Specialists.

As a business coach, Andy has worked with a wide variety of clients, from those who already had a team to newer agents in the business. He has had clients from all over Canada in markets as small as 10K people and as big as 5 million (GTA). He knows that the systems he writes about can work in any and all environments because he has helped countless people do just that.

Andy is viewed as an expert in systems, scripting, lead generation, business and team building. He is actively writing all the time hoping to inspire Realtors to raise the reputation of our industry. This has lead to having numerous Real Estate articles published internationally over the years.

He has a Bachelors degree from Brock University, and he is also a certified DISC Personality Trainer. His greatest passion in life is coaching, helping and inspiring people build and grow.