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Are Filter Bubbles effecting your Google ranking??

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Filter bubbles drastically effect how we as business people can use the internet to market our products and services. We need to be aware of them and we need to use them to our advantage. Do you know how to capitalize as much as possible?

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10 Ways to Guarantee your top people will Quit!

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By: Mel Kleiman

Here are 10 ways to guarantee that your best people will quit:

10. Treat everyone equally. This may sound good, but your employees are not equal. Some are worth more, because they produce more results. The key is not to treat them equally; it is to treat them all fairly.

9. Tolerate mediocrity. A-players don’t have to or want to play with a bunch of C-players.

8. Have dumb rules. I did not say have no rules; I specified dumb rules. Great employees want to have guidelines and direction, but they don’t want to have rules that get in the way of doing their jobs or that conflict with the values the company says are important.

7. Don’t recognize outstanding performance and contributions. Remember Psychology 101: Behavior you want repeated should be rewarded immediately...

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What is your value? Does it change based on the scenario…

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Did you bag a Banksy bargain for $60?

 Published: Monday, 14 Oct 2013 | 8:13 AM ET
By:  | Deputy News Editor,

His artworks have sold for over $1 million, but this weekend the infamous graffiti artist Banksy sold canvases for just $60 at a stall in New York.

The elusive artist set up a stand with about 30 canvases alongside others selling tourist art in Central Park on Saturday but did not publicize that the works were signed originals.

He put a video of the event on his website Sunday with the text, “Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100 percent authentic original signed Banksy canvases. For $60 each.”

The retailing was part of Banksy’s monthlong New York residency, called “Better Out Than In...

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WOW what a great IDEA

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Chuck Charlton – The king of YouTube. He is an Agent that has dominated his marketplace due to hard work, a great personality, amazing customer service, and amazing focus and commitment to one simple yet AMAZING idea. Below is a link to his video from Nov, 11,2011. It is amazing the sheer volume of interest his videos get in his area and how it has effected his buisness. You are a brilliant man Chuck!


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Canada’s economic outlook may not be the brightest, but it’s better than most!

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Canada is still one of the most Stable economies due to our stringent and conservative lending practices. We as Realtors need to ensure the Clients know that the “BAD PRESS” is not a reflection on us. Even this article had a Scare Headline, I chose to remove due to it’s inaccuracies! Things in Canada are good – not Amazing but still good … and our clients need to hear this.

By The Canadian Press

OTTAWA – The International Monetary Fund is downgrading prospects for Canada and other advanced countries as the global economy enters a dangerous new phase.

The IMF’s new outlook says Canada’s economy will remain positive but this year’s growth rate will be 2...

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