Finding the Business I Forgot About

Category: Business

by Andy Herrington

I am often approached by agents who say “I’m not busy, what can I do.” Frankly I have many answers to that query all of which require work ethic or money or both. I have no ‘Zero Effort’ ideas to get someone busy. However I have many ‘Zero money’ ideas. There are the common and straight forward from Cold Calling and Door Knocking to the more modern, Craigslist and Kijiji. However this article is about the one I believe to be the most effective and least used tip I know. In fact one agent I talk to does this on Week 3 of every month in order to find one extra deal a month he swears by it.

I refer to it as doing the business you forgot about. We all have it, no matter how successful or how organized we are there is always ‘business we forgot about’. It ranges from people we forgot to call back, to people we never did call, to people we forgot we knew.  As we come back off vacation or a lull in our business, the very best, most cost effective activity an agent can do to get things going again is to Stop take a moment and think of where the business they forgot about is.

An exercise I tell people to do is to print off all your pages from the last 6 months, and filter through them. Anyone and I mean anyone that you don’t remember what the last call was about or when it happened needs to be called. Everyone who you haven’t spoken to in the last 60 days (who represents future business of any kind) needs to be called back. This list of names includes not only those names you know you forgot about when you see them, but also people who were rude to you then, people who were “flakes” then, and anyone who might represents future business to you. This is your forgotten business.

Next do the same with your emails, text messages, and database, anything that houses the names and phone numbers of the people who you dealt with this year. These people have begun a relationship with you and the ability to find NOW business is greater in this group then likely anywhere else in your business.

These acts of rechecking our work history will create new business we never realized we had, but even more importantly it will allow us to find the leads and clients we completely forgot about. The ones we knew were good but fell through the cracks, the ones we are “embarrassed to call”. Call them, apologize and pledge to do better in the future. You will be amazed and stunned by the results.

The hardest part of these calls is not the rejection that they are not ready to do business, its finding the ones that already bought and sold. This is just a smack in the face, if we choose to take it that way. I prefer to look at it as validation to my lead generation and further proof that if I continue to improve my lead conversion skills that there is more money for me to earn without needing to increase my costs.

This is business that you already paid for and created, the major work has been completed. All it requires is another phone call to make it happen. We all get complacent with Follow up, but every little improvement we make in our business should turn into cash over time. Create a new plan for yourself, and find a new way to look at those “Cold Leads”. Remember the LEADS ARE GOOD! That is a cold hard fact. Just how good they are lies within us.