There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.

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there are no limitations


Napoleon Hill was a great man and a quality thinker. This Quote of his is SO important for Business. It has such a strong element of truth, that once learned, creates massive growth in a business. Frankly put we can accomplish anything, and only the made up boundaries that we give to a project surround it. Once you can open your mind to the endless possibilities, can you achieve endless results. I have known Real Estate agents who believe that 5 is the most deals they can accomplish in a single month by themselves, and I have know ones who think 10, and others that think “Who knows”. Each time, I am amazed how the agents are right. Whether the number they believe is 3, 5, 10 or 20, they always seem to be right, the number they believe IS all they can achieve. The skill level of each of these agents tends to be very similar, but the belief and confidence in themselves and their business is astronomically different. In fact the Single highest achieving agent I have ever known would not rank in the top 20 in talent and skill level, yet year in and year out they outproduce everyone. Think about your business and your false limiting beliefs. How can you change them? How can you grow and amaze yourself. How can you create the life you dream of?